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‍Children's Workshop "GARDEN"


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Children's Workshop GARDEN

Involving children in a syncretic workshop where folk traditional game is used to fuse Ukrainian folklore with the work of Hryhorii Skovoroda and comprehend it.

The project is implemented by the theater center "Word and Voice" operating since 2010 in Lviv as the Traditions unique international center in Ukraine and Europe based on the new theater.


The establishment of the Children's Workshop “GARDEN,” as part of the project “GARDEN of Divine Songs. Skovoroda,” was urged by a need to transfer to children the nation’s deepest knowledge encapsulated in traditional Songs. The war particularly exposed this need, and the aspiration to study traditional legacy has become more obvious.


The project aims to combine the word-song-dance into a single process of child development, which is play. According to Skovoroda, it is the only way of learning. Such an all-rounded development, through play as the contemplation of the world and humans in it, helps children develop an ear for genuine things.

Knowledge passed down from one person to another through the traditional forms and texts by Skovoroda connects a child with the sources of their native culture, teaches the basics of being, educates the moral principles and aesthetic taste of a person who will be building Ukraine’s future.

Focus Areas

  • education through play
  • research
  • word – song – dance – play
  • therapy
  • theatrical practices

Who For and With?

The actors of the Word and Voice Theater, together with 6-9 year-olds, create the GARDEN.

Project Impact

  • sharing up traditional cultural practices
  • building the cultural component in the worldview of children
  • building the methodology for the sustainable GARDEN WORKSHOP
The project is implemented by the Word and Voice Theater Center with the financial support from ЗMIN through the Grant Program 2023

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‍Children's Workshop "GARDEN"

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