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Culture Against Aggression. Documentation of Ukraine


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Culture Against Aggression. Documentation of Ukraine

A research and documentary project in a podcast format on how Ukrainian culture is responding to the war and how it is created during the war.


In times of war, documentation is one of the most important tools for future analysis, training, improvement, and prevention. Being part of the information space, culture is involved in the fight against the Russian imperialist regime and propaganda. Research and documentation of this process is extremely relevant, as well as the formation of cultural self-identity and a clear common message beyond the country.


The project is aimed at documenting the reaction of cultural actors to the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine and discussing the experiences of cultural resistance in order to analyze, improve, and unite efforts.

Focus Areas

  • culture
  • research
  • podcast
  • recording of experiences
  • cultural diplomacy

Who For and With?

The project is aimed at a wide audience, among which are interested in a comprehensive understanding of the situation in Ukraine during the full-scale war, as well as cultural actors and cultural registers.

Project Impact

  • a more holistic picture of the development of Ukrainian culture during the war
  • the ability to analyze and understand problems and build a dialogue for solutions
  • a basis for the study of war through cultural activities
The project is implemented by Gallery 101 and Radio Skovoroda with the financial support from ЗMIN through the Grant Program 2023

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Culture Against Aggression. Documentation of Ukraine

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