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Grant Support 2022


Grant support

About the program

The grant program aims to support social change providers who resiliently continue their activities under the vulnerability to the challenges of a full-scale war.

  • Supporting initiatives that work efficiently and meaningfully in the interests of civil society.
  • Increase the resilience and self-sufficiency of organizations.
  • Reinforcement is not only financial but also with other resources.
Grants is one of the important formats in activities of ЗMIN. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, hundreds of NGOs have actively responded to urgent challenges. This has become one of the determining factors for the effectiveness and resilience of Ukrainian society. The architecture of networks, communities, and people has been built and strengthened. Due to this, they continue to respond and act in the interests of society in the conditions of war.The task of this year's grant program from ЗMIN is to strengthen the ground to continue effective and sustainable activities of organizations. Courage and resilience are the leitmotifs of the 2022 grant call. We believe in the teams and cheer for them. Join us!  - Khrystyna Boyko, Director of ЗMIN

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Khrystyna Rutar

Program Coordinator

067 838 9101

Grant Support 2022

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