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Programs 2021


Grant support

About the program

 Supporting social initiatives that work effectively and meaningfully in the interests of society. ‍ 

> increase the organizational capacity and self-reliance of organizations

 > assistance not only financially but also resourcefully


Investments were made in 9 organizations, and the implementation of 13 projects was strengthened ‍

Implementation time - October-December 2021 

Areas covered: social services, education, culture, museums, ecology, inclusion, community development, book publishing, health and human rights.

  • 6 organizations were supported in the format of a grant cooperation procedure 
  • 2 organizations - strengthening institutional capacity 
  • 1 organization - non-refundable assistance through a volunteer initiative  

The total budget of the grant program is 1 988 300 ₴


Supported Initiatives

NGO "Dream Workshop", Emaus Center, Food Bank "Plate", City Museum, Congress of Culture. Scene of the Future (Institute of Cultural Strategy), Ukrainian Educational Platform, Children's Rehabilitation Center Dzherelo, UkraЇner, Palliative Department in Zhuravne.

Strengthen Projects

  • Congress of Culture "Scene of the Future" (Cultural Strategy Institute)
  • Promotional campaign of the educational course “Honestly. Correctly. Simply. Everything you need to know about disability ”  (NGO "Dream Workshop")
  • Publication of the comic book "Maria and I" (Emaus Center)
  • School of independent living for people with intellectual disabilities (Emaus Center)
  • Repair of basements for the implementation of social enterprise (Food Bank "Plate")
  • Outdoor Revitalization Project  "Safari for Plate" (Food Bank "Plate")
  • Joint project with the store of rethought clothes "Yasna Rich" for sewing eco bags for visitors to the organization (Food Bank "Plate")
  • "Mobile Brigade"  Project (Ukrainian Educational Platform)
  • Creating children's area maps (City Museum
  • Video series "Safe about the dangerous" (City Museum)
  • Strengthening the operational activities of the project UkraЇner 
  • Educational projects, strengthening operational capacity (Children's Rehabilitation Center Dzherelo
  • Support of the volunteer initiative - care of the wards of the Palliative in Zhuravne (Zhuravne City Hospital)

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Programs 2021

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