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Information campaign “Your Repost Matters”


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About the program

The information campaign to boost Ukraine’s visibility in the world and verbalize complicated topics to engage international citizens into regular aid provision to Ukrainian people in the war.

WithUkraine — an independent English-language media about Ukraine established in February 2022 by Ukrainian volunteers to cover war developments and to advocate for Ukraine’s interests internationally. Presently, in the social media and on the website, the WithUkraine answer to requests from foreigners (whose part is Crimea and whether it’s true that every other Ukrainian citizen has family in russia); they share about businesses, start- ups, brands established by Ukrainians and well-known abroad (Grammarly, MacPaw, Petcube, Gunia Project), and also discover the aspects of Ukrainian culture (interviews with promoters of Ukrainian national music, materials with poems by Zhadan, and about Kyiv socializing sites).


According to the “Report on Ukraine’s Perception in the World” for 2022 made by BRAND UKRAINE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the highest number of citations of Ukraine in social media was detected in March, 2022, and the recent peak was in October 2022, which is related to the updated about the massive missile strikes at energy infrastructure of Ukraine. Today, we can see the decreasing international trend in the intensity of news about Ukraine. Even such high-profile incidents as the blowing up of Kakhovka dam by the Russians failed to cause sufficient response. That is why the campaign “Your Repost Matters” was launched to make sure the updates from Ukraine reach more foreigners.

“Lack of information results in the lack of interest for the country. On the other hand, reposts of content with clear messages and high-quality layout is certainly something that could gain foreigners’ attention and inspire for learning more about the Ukrainian context,” Khrystyna Boyko.

In addition, the awareness campaign enables Ukrainians to join the combat against Russian propaganda and also reinforce the voice of Ukraine abroad.


The project intends to scale the engagement of audiences and share the information about Ukraine for international audiences.

Tracks / focus areas

  • awareness campaign
  • engagement
  • support to Ukraine
  • content in English
  • independent media

Who for and with?

The With Ukraine team and the engaged experts will work for the wide English-reading audiences and for Ukrainian people searching for quality content to be reposted among foreigners.

The project’s impact

  • increased awareness of foreigners about the situation in Ukraine
  • filling the global information space with the high-quality English-language content about Ukraine
  • boosting the support for Ukraine

The campaign includes bright posters affixed in the most popular locations in Kyiv, and the digital materials and events. Many Ukrainian opinion leaders have already joined the campaign: Mariam Naiem, Maksym Eristavi, Marichka Buchelnikova, Yuliya Tymoshchenko, Valeria Voshchevska, a.o. WithUkraine and The ZMIN Foundation are open for more partnerships. We welcome anyone who appreciates the value of empowering the voice of Ukraine out of country.

The Project is implemented by the With Ukraine NGO with financial support from ЗМІN within the Grant Program 2023

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Information campaign “Your Repost Matters”

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