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Military School “Boryviter”


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About the program

Military School “Boryviter” NGO conducts free training for servicemen who are about to be stationed in combat areas. In 2022-2023, more than 9,500 students graduated the school.

Areas of training:

  • Military command and planning (for regiment/battalion, company, platoon and NCO leadership levels)
  • Multi-rotor UAV
  • Aircraft-type UAV
  • FPV — small strike UAVs
  • Military communications
  • Radio control of communication networks
  • Battle control systems
  • Military topography
  • Psychological support to servicemen

Mission of the Military School “Boryviter”

  • bringing closer Ukraine's victory in the current war with Russia
  • development of Ukraine's capacity to independently provide modern military training, and to export knowledge to other countries after the victory.

Objectives of the Military School “Boryviter”

  • Provide quality military training guided by NATO standards and by combat experience of the Ukrainian army
  • Establish a Center of Excellence for Training and Rehabilitation of Military Personnel
  • Deploy a platform for R&D in the military sphere to promote Ukrainian developments

Aircraft-type UAV track

In November 2022, the Boryviter Military School opened the track of training to handle aircraft-type UAVs in combat settings. It is one of the most relevant and complex areas of training for aerial reconnaissance units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defense formations.

As a result, in 7 months of scholarship support from ЗMIN, the school has trained 91 Aircraf-type UAV pilots who are already operating on the front line. They do the reconnaissance, guidance and designation of artillery fire, pointedly hitting enemy targets of high priority.

Training on this track of aircraft type UAVs takes 3 weeks.

Pilots take the following courses:

  • theoretical course on the basics of controlling an aircraft-type UAV;
  • simulator training, simulation of aircraft control;
  • training at the training ground on practice aircraft;

At the end of each block, cadets take exams:

  • exam in theory;
  • exam on the simulator;
  • exam at the training ground;

The student receives a certificate of completion of the course only upon successful passing of exams.

Also, the instructors of the UAV track are developing practice aircraft in order to provide the school with its own-produced fleet. (I can not provide any more details about the development, unfortunately, because it is now at the testing and piloting stage)

The main goals that the track of the aircraft type UAVs of the Military School “Boryviter”:

  • ensuring quality training of UAV pilots based on NATO standards and combat experience of the Ukrainian army;
  • deployment of a platform for R&D in the field of aircraft-type UAVs;
  • building an expert community for the development of the aircraft-type UAV industry in Ukraine.

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Military School “Boryviter”

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