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Results of Grant Program ЗМІN 2023


Grant support

About the program

Grant Program of ЗMIN 2023 the autumn circle focuses on support of teams that respond adaptively to war related challenges, simultaneously working on recovery planning and strategizing, with a focus on high quality changes in the region.

The context of a full-scale war brings up new reality and challenges, intensifying at the same time the processes of critical social changes and search for new innovative models. In the active phase of a war, a society is balancing between the adaptation to extreme conditions and the new future scenario building. That is what strong teams are need for, specifically those capable of providing the valid knowledge, performing the analytics, holding a dialogue, and consolidating to jointly develop and suggest solutions and cutting-edge resilience approaches in short-term perspective, as well as planning changes and recovery strategy.

167 applications received.

  • 41 projects short-listed for the second round of selection
  • 13 teams passed to the third round of interviews
  • 10 teams chosen as winners


01 Child Dignity Centre UCU

Introducing new practices of safety trainings for children aiming at the sexual violence prevention through the self-safety awareness level increase.

02 WAS Media

A series of YouTube videos "Art in details" created for the Ukrainian cultural art heritage promotion and the Ukrainian and foreign viewers education.

03 Feminist Workshop

A people-oriented voucher education program "Your movement ahead" for the internally moved women's economic safety level increase.

04 Urban Culture Institute

The social interactive "Ternopil temporary theatre" for new city dweller sand fragile groups to work through their life experiences with the help of the atrical practices.

05 Warm City

A public program "Read": the community cohesion through shared cultural reading practices.

06 Dollman

The "Frontmen" online media serves for the veterans' and militaries' self-expression and the creative representation in new formats of the co-creation and innovative practices for overcoming the military service traumatic effects.

07 Drabyna

A festival of reading and a play contest collection presentation are united in to a lasting project titled "Drama.UA: Shared Experience" for reflections on war experience and spreading of the modern Ukrainian drama.

08 Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers

The creation of an online archive titled "War photo cronicles" aims at recording the Ukrainians' experience of living through the war via the documentary photography and boosting the Ukrainian experience visibility abroad.

09 Solomiya Krushelnytska museum

An interactive exhibition "Grand tour. Solomiya" presented in Lviv andTernopil aims at the popularization of Solomiya Krushelnytska's music heritage, insreasing the presence of women's voices and promoting a role model of a successful self-made Ukrainian woman. #ГрандТурСоломія #GrandTourSolomiya

10 Sport club Athlete

The infrastructure and communication boost of the "Power of Changes for Athlete" campaign for the athletics popularization through the encouragement of private sport clubs for the young.

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Results of Grant Program ЗМІN 2023

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