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Grant Support 2023


Grant support

About the program

About the program

The Grant Program is aimed at supporting initiatives, organizations, providers of social change that respond adaptively to the challenges of war, while acting in the direction of planning and recovery strategies, with a focus on qualitative changes in the region.

The context of a full-scale war determines new realities and challenges, while at the same time intensifying the processes of important social changes and the search for new innovative models.

Society in the active stage of war balances between adaptation to extreme conditions and building new scenarios for the future. This requires strong teams that can build quality knowledge, conduct analytics, dialogue and come together to co-develop and propose solutions, innovative approaches for short-term sustainability and strategic planning for change and recovery.

As part of Grant Support 2023, we received 168 applications.

39 projects were considered at the second stage of selection.

We are pleased to announce the 16 teams selected for the final stage.


Scaling up the social entreprise Vbrani

Creating opportunities for social integration and additional income for lonely elderly people in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions

Podcast Culture Against Aggression. Documenting Ukraine

A podcast, a research project to map cultural resistance and the functioning of Ukrainian culture during the full-scale war for the purposes of analysis, enhancement and consolidation of effort.

Showcase of new books – a year of war

Online catalogue with new arrivals in the book market. Progress report on Ukrainian book publishing and literature development during the war through placing new book arrivals to promote national entrepreneurship and civic initiatives among target groups, including Ukrainian readers and organizers of Ukrainian book centers all over the world.

Bike Social Services: Improving Mobility of Social Workers

Improving working conditions and provision of comfortable eco-transportation for higher quality of social service provision in the region.

Creative Campus: Unleash your potential in creative industries

Courses in 4 most relevant areas of design: graphic design, illustration, UI/UX, motion design with social and educational focus.

Culture of Private Collections. Promotion of the Phenomenon of Private Collections as Illustrated by Ivan Hrechko Collection.

The project’s objective is to promote the culture of collection making and increase awareness about this topic among the public through the format of an exhibition and a follow-up program.

Lake Bike Fest: at the watershed of Seret and Strypa.

Researching local history, promotion of bike tours and quests among local population, discovering the region’s tourist attractiveness.

Lviv Music Fest.

High quality promotion of non-commercial music among the existing and potential new audiences, and documenting new and forgotten names of local stage as part of the Music Fest in Lviv 2023. Producing a special episode of the “ZRIZ” project – podcasts and recordings of concerts of niche musicians.

Font Alphabet of Ukrainian Identity.

The project telling about Ukrainian fonts and promoting them in designer community and among broader audiences. Coverage of the history of landmark events, personalities, symbols, and signs that accompanied Ukraine on its way to restore independence in 1991. They also support us in the fight for the country today. The project tells the history of fonts created by Ukrainian font designers.

Public participation in spatial planning in the post-war recovery of Ukraine.

Research and promotion of practices of engaging citizens into the post-war recovery of Ukraine, with a special focus on western regions that face huge challenges with integration of internally displaced persons into local communities. The publication and dissemination of a guidebook, and conducting a pilot workshop on approaches in the implementation of participatory design, piloted with the partner community of the city of Rivne.

Remember Him Alive. Petro Franko: Return (from) Legend.

Cultural educational initiative as a response to the relevant need for decolonization, de-russification, and de-communization of Ukrainian collective consciousness, public space, and commemoration practices, as illustrated by a personality of Petro Franko. Exhibition and a follow-up program.

Forum for Empowerment of Efficient Community Building and Interactions for the Development of Ukraine.

The project highlights and enhances the activities of communities in Ukraine’s civil society. It unites proactive inventive Ukrainians into change-making communities and projects. It builds a platform to develop expertise, to bring together community leaders and members.

StopWarNow: a project to engage nationals of other countries to contribute to Ukraine’s victory.

Awareness campaign to enhance visibility of Ukraine in the world and to verbalize contested topics. Another objective is to develop a methodology to engage people from other countries to provide systemic support to Ukraine in the war.

Gardening work in the “Nursery Garden”

Scaling of the urban gardening infrastructure. Co-creation through gardening and horticulture in urbanized spaces.

“I’m here for you”

Information campaign to notify about options to receive the free of charge and confidential support to sexual violence survivors.

Children Workshop “Garden”.

Engaging children for a syncretic workshop that uses the “popular-traditional play” to knit the link with traditional Ukrainian folk lore and to contemplate over the legacy of Hryhoriy Skovoroda.

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Grant Support 2023

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