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Scaling the Social Entreprise of Vbrani


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Scaling the Social Entreprise of Vbrani

Creating opportunities for social inclusion and promoting financial independence for older-age people.

The project is implemented by the NGO Starist na Radist (Happy Old Age) that has been operating since 2020 to develop a variety of activities for the elderly people living in the Lviv geriatric boarding house.


The full-scale invasion has exacerbated an already critical situation in residential facilities for the elderly. And if earlier they could count on the help of volunteers, now the efforts of many benefactors are aimed at helping the front. Older people are often left alone with their needs and problems.


The project is aimed at scaling up opportunities for social integration and providing additional income to lonely elderly people in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

Focus Areas

  • inclusion
  • social entrepreneurship
  • integration into society
  • intergenerational collaboration
  • maintaining the culture of handmade products

Who For and With?

The project targets vulnerable groups of the population, elderly women living in geriatric centers and also those who need additional resources to meet their basic needs.

Project Impact

  • socialization and better integration of the elderly
  • increase in earnings for craftsmen
  • scaling of social entrepreneurship of Vbrani
The project is implemented by the Happy Old Age NGO with the financial support from ЗMIN through the Grant Program 2023

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Scaling the Social Entreprise of Vbrani

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