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The idea of a food bank is not new in the world, however, Tarilka was the first in our country to implement the principles of foreign initiatives, helping the needy and minimizing organic waste.

Aim of Tarilka - according to the State Statistics Service, 51% of the population of Ukraine lives below the poverty line (as of the first half of 2020). At the same time, FAO reports that Ukrainians annually produce about 7 million tons of organic waste. We strive to create a culture of food banks in our country, which will allow to minimize both indicators at the same time. Our dream Ukraine is a country where there is no hunger and waste.

Within the framework of ЗMIN Grant Program, the team managed to implement several projects.

Thanks to the idea of creating eco-bags, the issue of packaging grocery sets was solved, the number of plastic bags was reduced, and a new opportunity for volunteering and partnership with the reimagined clothing store "Yasna rych" and the mutual aid community "Emaus-Oselya" was created.

UAH 125,456 - total income from charitable contributions during the workshop's operation.

Another project during the partnership under the Grant Program was Safari for Tarilka.

The team managed to implement an attractive and safe space near the premises of the food bank with the help of nature-oriented solutions, to establish good neighborly relations with the residents of the building on Kulparkivska Street, to involve the city authorities, businesses and local residents in the project.

During the 3 years of activity, Tarilka has grown significantly organizationally, and with it the volume of operational work to implement strategic plans has also increased.

As of today, the management group consists of 10 active members, and the wider circle of volunteers of the administrative apparatus unites a total of 30 people. To continue the pace of development of the organization and, in particular, to establish a fundraising system, the team needed institutional strengthening of key operational roles to ensure efficient and professional execution of priority tasks and projects.

The idea of institutional support is to develop new tools for team agility and autonomy, to promote the diversification of non-profit organizations' funding sources, to spread alternative fundraising tools.

"The ideas advocated by the Tarilka team are concise, effective and comprehensive. The partnership with the Tarilka team in the form of institutional support is an approbation of the idea of providing a "cushion for institutional stability" for a short period so that the team can focus on strategy and build autonomy scenarios."
Khrystyna Boyko, director of ЗMIN

Cooperation with the NGO Tarilka began as part of Grant Program 2021 and grew into sustainable partnership with ЗMIN.

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