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Typeface alphabet of the Ukrainian identity


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About the program

Typeface alphabet of the Ukrainian identity.

The project to support the designer community and promote Ukrainian typefaces among wider audiences.


Typeface alphabet of Ukrainian identity is an innovative cultural project to revive and promote Ukrainian font culture, to develop national identity and support talented designers.

Taking into account the relevance of preserving and developing cultural heritage, the project aims to promote Ukrainian fonts, expand their use, and attract broad audiences to study the history and culture of Ukraine.


The project's objective is to cover the history of landmark events, personalities, symbols, and signs that accompanied Ukraine on the way to regaining independence in 1991, and that have been supporting us in the struggle for it today, through the history of typefaces created by Ukrainian designers.

Focus areas

  • search for a new language
  • Ukrainian identity
  • innovation
  • cultural heritage
  • research

Who For and With?

The project targets a wide audience, including Ukrainian designers and font makers, young people, international designers, publishing houses, advertising agencies, educational institutions, and many others.

Project Impact

  • Preservation and dissemination of historical heritage through modern technologies and platforms.
  • Promotion  of Ukrainian typeface history.
  • Strengthening Ukrainian visual identity.
  • Supporting the development of the Ukrainian design community.
  • Support and development of Ukrainian typefaces.
The project is implemented by the "Projector" NGO with the financial support from ЗMIN through the Grant Program 2023

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Typeface alphabet of the Ukrainian identity

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