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Vector Optical Lab. VOL


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Vector optical lab has been repairing the combat damaged optical devices since 2014, and they are highly competitive in quality with the new devices.

Cutting edge optical devices in the war are critical, expensive, and highly sensitive. The repair effort to recover the broken optical devices is literally saving lives of Ukrainian combatants, and spares dozens of thousands of UAH that could be used for other needs in the military.

VOL — Vector Optical Lab — is a charity that repairs the day, night, and thermal optical devices for the Ukrainian Army, free of charge.

VOL Mission is to support the technical capacity of Ukraine’s defense forces.

According to open data from Defense Ministry, the functional technical devices help reduce the human loss by 35%.

Optical devices are costly and valuable, their prices range between $2000 and $15000.

When compared to buying new optical devices, their repair is a more responsible way of using financial resources provided by society to cover the material and technical needs of the army.

The repair cost at the VOL is 10-20% of the new device price.


Vector Optical Lab was established in 2015 by military volunteers, Ihor Fedirko and Andriy Vysochnyi, to help the Ukrainian Army.

Presently, the VOL team has 9 members: 1 chief engineer, 2 engineers to repair optical electronic devices, 2 engineers to repair optical analogue devices, and 3 administrative workers.

As of October, 2022, the workshop has repaired over 7,000 optical devices, worth over 18 millions EURO.

ЗMIN started cooperating with the Vector Optical Lab in April 2022. In 2023, we continue the partnership in the form of regular monthly assistance.

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Vector Optical Lab. VOL

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