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Workshop of Dreams


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About the program

In autumn, 2021, ЗMIN started cooperating with the Dream Workshop, under the Grant Program 2021.

We supported an educational video project “Honest. Appropriate. Simple. All You Need to Know About Disability.” The course intended to raise awareness and help de-stigmatize disability related topics in society. 

In addition, the team of the Dream Workshop designed a training “Honest. Appropriate. Simple” focusing on the practices of interaction with people with disabilities, increasing tolerance levels and trust in the team, winning a reputation репутацію of a socially responsible business.

In 2023, ЗMIN continued the cooperation with the Dream Workshop as continuous partners for capacity building. 
The idea of institutional support is about developing new tools for self-sufficiency and autonomy of teams, support diversification of funding sources for non-profits, and disseminate alternative fundraising tools.
The team of the NGO "Dream Workshop" in 2021: founders Anna and Galyna

Since the Dream Workshop has grown significantly (presently employing 20 persons) and has launched an effort to develop an assisted living project, a new need is to scale the team’s capacity. 

Presently, the home residents are the evacuees from the psychoneurological closed institutions from Ukraine’s eastern regions, and the people on the waiting list to get into the boarding institutions.

The cooperation is designed to enhance the team’s capacity by adding a communications manager and a fundraiser to tell about the team’s activities, to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, to attract donors, to grow the organization’s visibility, to decrease stigmatization of mental disorders promoting the narrative that society will demand better awareness in this area. 

 The cooperation of the Dream Workshop NGO started under the Grant Program 2021 and evolved into ongoing partnership with the ЗMIN.

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Workshop of Dreams

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