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Grant Program 2023


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About the program

The 2023 Grant Program from ЗMIN is designed to support initiatives, organizations, and providers of social change that adapt to the challenges of war, while acting in the area of planning and recovery strategies, with a focus on qualitative changes in the region.

The context of a full-scale war determines new reality and challenges, and intensifies the processes of important social changes and the search for new innovative models.

Society in the active stage of the war balances between adapting to extreme conditions and building new scenarios for the future. This requires strong teams that can build quality knowledge, conduct analytics, engage in dialogue and networking to jointly develop and propose solutions, innovative approaches to sustainability in the short term, and strategizing for change and recovery.

The main focus areas of this year's Grant Call are:

- Involvement

- Adaptability

- Self-sufficiency

- Innovation

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Grant Program 2023

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