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April for ЗMIN


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30 April 2024

When looking for the best solutions for qualitative change in various areas, we usually decide that some of the most efficient steps would be to invest in education. Especially when it comes to long-term and sustainable effects.

In April, we launched several educational initiatives implemented in partnership with ЗMIN. That is why in our regular monthly lessons learnt, we want to focus on awareness building practices as an integral part of civil society’s progress.

Educational program by Garage Gang

The CityGen.Revival program is implemented jointly with ЗMIN to enhance the quality of leadership talent in society by investing in the development of ecosystem skills and decision-making culture based on citizen participation data in the context of shaping Ukraine's post-war resilience.

The workshop has an objective to enhance understanding of the eco-cycle model that Garage Gang has been using for years to build their own growth and development strategies, where synergy is achieved as the interplay of ecosystem roles of a thinker, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a mentor.

In April, an introductory workshop from Iryna Solovey was held, as well as three workshops from mentors:

→ “Transdisciplinarity” by Ilya Bachurin

→ “Design Thinking” by Dmytro Belopolskyi

→ “Selectivity” by Mykhailo Krikunov

“Whether we mean an ecosystem, a network of partners or a team, the only possible thing for a living system is to change and improve in the face of new and incomplete information. It is about the team’s capacity to develop their learning skill to consciously build practices, maintain financial stability, and implement improvements despite global challenges, such as a pandemic o rwar,” Iryna Solovey emphasizes.

In May, the learning continues, and new workshops will cover the following topics: “Cyber Engagement,” “Bodily Intelligence,” “Media Literacy,” and “Resilience”.


Cooperation between the ЗMIN and Kunsht began in 2023, as part of the organization of presentations of the Science at Risk! platform in New York and Washington. This year, our partnership is unfolding in advocacy. One of the project goals is not only to promote Ukrainian experts through the established pool of scholars, but also to attract investment and build long-term international partnerships.

In April, the team shared the outcomes of another project track. It covers 30 Ukrainian scientists working for 9 months in expert working groups and analyzing the situation in the country. They explored solutions to urgent and long-term problems caused by Russia's full-scale invasion into Ukraine. The experience of Ukrainian scientists in preserving their research, collections and institutions resulted into nine white papers available on the platform.

UNIWEEK project

Student Government of Ivan Franko National University in Lviv held the third week of student integration into the university life - "UNIWEEK". The project is part of the admission campaign to boost the interest of schoolchildren for higher education.

Pupils of grades 10-11 from Lviv schools attended classes along with students. This kind of exposure contributes to a better guidance for future applicants on study programs, and helps them prepare for student life.

Our team supported the initiative in producing the merchandise.

City Museum:

The museum sees the city as a space of responsible freedom, and relates to city residents. That is why, together with visitors, MuMi explores urban identity through connection with the past trying to understand their role in a modern context and impact the city’s future. The museum gives you the opportunity to feel part of the city, to become aware of your responsibility for this place.

In April, a new route No 3 for the quest "Like a fish in the city" was piloted. The team and the children explored the area of Znesinnia and are now moving to the stage of mapping transferring the itinerary and creating a comic book. Can’t wait!

Let Children Move!

The initiative has been addressing the issue of low level of physical exercise among primary school children. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and Ivan Franko Lviv National University, a new module will be designed at the Department of Postgraduate Education. It will focus on the organization of the educational process for children at standing desks based on health rehabilitation practices, such as visual gymnastics, work on massage mats, wall bars, etc.

In addition, added-weight toys will be introduced within the project to increase the concentration and attention of children.

As of today, the project "Let Children Move!" was joined by 17 schools which installed high desks/standing desks. In total, over 400 high desks and more than 40 visual gymnastics simulators were installed.

Urban Forum

A platform that brings together architects and urban planners to share best practices for proper restoration of Ukrainian cities and villages. April was the first month of official cooperation of ЗMIN with the Urban Forum team in institutional support.

In addition to the building of a professional community of urbanists, the project also has the objective to disseminate best practices from management and urban development of Lviv among other Ukrainian communities. The educational tools will help raise a new generation of urban planning specialists.

Projector Foundation

Work is underway on a joint large project to produce a series of art books about the 20th century Ukrainian artists. The publication plans to generate the interest of Ukrainian people in the legacy of artists, promote reading and increase interest in learning about their culture.

Khrystyna Boyko course from kmbs and mentoring for Teple Misto

Khrystyna Boyko joined the mentoring program for NGOs working with social change, which is implemented by our partner team "Teple Misto" (the program is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation). She took the training in the project management program from kmbs.


  • A joint fundraising program was implemented with the neighboring cafe Milk Coffee, and the raised money was doubled. The money will be used for the track of psychological support from the Boryviter Military School
  • Sustainable support for the Boryviter school in their track on aircraft-type UAVs
  • Strengthening the fundraising of the Serhii Prytula Foundation to assist the military scientific institution in R&D
  • We purchased 10 units of Mavic 3 pro and Mavic 3 T
  • 2 trawls and 1 truck were purchased in the framework of cooperation with the Airborne Assault Forces
  • Support provided in the fundraising for EW and ELINT systems organized by INSO

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