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June for 3MIN


10 min

28 May 2024

In the first month of summer, we would like to highlight new contacts and tell more about the search for new formats and tools to work with added value. 

In our June summary, we are happy to share some wonderful networking between us and our partners.

3MIN x Bohdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundation x The Ukrainians x Zaloha Chornomortsiv on Paraska

The Zaloha Chornomortsiv NGO was shortlisted for the Responsibility Award 2023 from the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation. 

In this project, the team took care of the construction of a tourist shelter as the fulfillment of the last will of the combatant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed in the Kherson region, the Black Sea scout Taras-Tymofii Hawrylyshyn.

The 3MIN invests in the communication campaign to promote 10 Prize winners who are models of implementing new approaches to responsible partnership. In June, we had the opportunity to climb Mount Paraska together, stay in the built space, and spend time together with the teams of TU, FRBG, Chornomortsi, friends, and TT's mother. 

In the near future, we expect detailed reports about the initiative on the The Ukrainians website.

Teple misto: workshop by Khrystia Boyko

The Director of the 3MIN ⁠Foundation, Khrystyna Boyko, held a workshop in the Promprylad space, where they talked about new models of relations between donors and organizations, as well as the skills needed by managers of new types of institutions. 

Art Studio of Olia Stavnikovych x Workshop of Dream x Jam Factory

Olya Stavnykovych's art studio works in the art brut track, promotes the discovery of talents and self-fulfillment of people with disabilities.

In June, an intro meeting with the studio team took place in our office. We met the founder and artist Olia Stavnykovych and the initiative's communicator. Anna Ivanycheva, co-founder of the Dream Workshop, joined the strategic meeting. 

We were able to discuss strategies for attracting new partnerships and outline shared intentions and crossing points.

Next, the art studio met the partner of 3MIN, the Jam Factory. We are rooting for new joint projects.

*Art brut is the work of non-professional artists. These are works of amateur artists, children, artisans, and people with physical or mental disabilities. 

Chytomo x Frontmen 

Poems by poets from the military capture and reflect on the wartimes. and Chytomo's campaign War Writers Month increase the visibility of these experiences and voices. The 3MIN Foundation interacts with both platforms. In June, in joint cooperation, a selection of poems was shared – you could listen to the authors live, as part of the reading of the military poetry "#Frontmen", organized by the "Cultural Troopers" during the "Book Country" festival. The poems of the fallen and missing brothers in arm, as well as those writers who could not come to the event from the front, were performed by other military men, presenting their names.

Music Festival in Lviv 2024: Local Cultural Support x 3MIN X INSO x Coffee with milk

On June 21, 3MIN and INSO joined the 12th Festival of Music in Lviv. We value the possibility to build connections, which is why this year we organized the Scene of 3MIN. We are deeply thankful to everyone who joined us and shared the evening with us, as well as donated to the INSO fundraiser. 

Lviv Urban Forum successfully started in two locations of the city and brought together more than 800 participants for talks, workshops, and "urban outings". It is valuable that top speakers in architecture and urban planning came to Lviv for this event as they understand the relevance of these topics in the context of reconstruction and restoration. The 3MIN joined the LUF as part of capacity building of the team.

Together with, we have developed extensive material on the activities of the 3MIN Foundation. This is a good opportunity for us to look at the institution in its entirety and share our approaches and experiences with a wider audience.

In June, we received a large request for cooperation from the media.

We are currently exploring more and looking for intersections with:

Sebto, a media with a mission to explain human rights, society, politics, and culture.

Ukrainer is a community and organization that has been exploring Ukraine and the Ukrainian context since 2016, telling stories to Ukrainians themselves, as well as sharing them to the world and translating them into dozens of languages.

Inscience is a media that promotes science, increases its value to society, and shapes the scientific way of thinking.

Ukrinform is a national news agency of Ukraine, a source of information about political, economic, social, scientific, cultural, and social life in Ukraine and abroad. 


  • 3 Vehicles within the AUTO 3MIN program
  • 4 DJI Matrice 30T and DJI Matrice 30 quadcopters
  • 3 thermal imaging sights PFI-C450 (50mm) for power steering
  • Constant support of Boriviter military school
  • 1 BpAK "Sych" with a night camera and Tualcom together with the Serhiy Prytula Foundation
  • Monthly donation for the equipment of military command and staff vehicles for the Serhiy Prytula Foundation
  • Strengthening of the Project "Systems of formation and management of voluntary air reconnaissance units in terms of education, training, institutional support and technical and material support" BF balbek bureau
  • Masking bases for nets and rolls of spunbond for the implementation of the volunteer project of Sofia Kozlova

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