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Conversation About Philanthropy and Charity


60 min

21 July 2022

A talk about philanthropy and charity and their impact on the formation of Ukraine during 30 years of independence

"Plans for Tomorrow" is a series of discussion programs about the challenges and opportunities that will come to the fore in Ukraine immediately after defeating the enemy. This week, in the Lviv bomb depot, we had a talk with the director of ZMIN about philanthropy and charity, about the culture of art patronage in Ukraine and in the world, as well as about how philanthropy has changed Ukraine in 30 years and what the focus should be in the future.

Conversation focus

  • How have philanthropy practices changed in Ukraine and how have they changed Ukraine?
  • What is the motivation of the grantors in providing support to civil society?
  • What challenges did philanthropists and foundations face following the full-scale invasion?
  • Who learns from whom: civil society from business or vice versa?
  • Should we tackle the problem of grant-eaters and how to do it?

Participants in the conversation

  • Oksana Dashchakivska, International enaissance Foundation
  • Khrystyna Boyko, ZMIN Foundation
  • Iryna Starovoyt, culturolologist, UCU
  • Volodymyr Byehlov, Director of America House Lviv

About the project

The “Plans for Tomorrow” highlights the issues that will arise (and are already emerging) in Ukrainian society because, as in the case of the Master Plan for the Rehabilitation of Warsaw, the rapid rebuilding process directly depends on how early you start working on it (the new Master Plan for the Rehabilitation of Warsaw appeared within a year after the end of the Second World War — in 1946. However, about 1,500 architects and engineers began to think about rebuilding the Polish capital as early as during the war).

What issues might Ukrainian society face? How do you work with commemoration after the victory? How to ensure zero tolerance for corruption? How to treat the collective post-traumatic syndrome? What shall the architecture be during the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities destroyed by russia?

These questions, among others, are contemplated by Volodymyr Byehlov, Director of America House Lviv, and Iryna Starovoit, Candidate of Philology and a UCU lecturer, together with the guest Ukrainian experts from various fields: from economics to architecture, from the anti-corruption effort to the protection of human rights, from geopolitics to education and science. Two guests during each discussion will also present the topic from two different or opposite perspectives: the seasoned discussant and the budding conversant, at the beginning of their journey; a lecturer and a student; local and global perspectives.  

TO-MY is a space for discussion and a community founded by Iryna Starovoyt and Volodymyr Byehlov.

The first project is a series of programs "Plans for Tomorrow".

All editions of Plans for Tomorrow on YouTube Episodes of "Plans for Tomorrow" in the format of podcasts on Radio SKOVORODA.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Institute of Culture Strategy.

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Розмова про філантропію та благодійність

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