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February for ЗМІN


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29 February 2024

Mutual projects

This month, we would specifically like to highlight the ЗMIN and our partners' joint projects that we are currently working on:

"Antarctica is close"

is an exhibition and educational project dedicated to Ukrainian Antarctica.

The team of the State Museum of Natural History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in joint efforts with the ЗMIN Foundation, the National Antarctic Scientific Center and Serhiy Hlotovy, the scientist, who is currently working at the Vernadsky Research Base for winter, carried out the meeting where key project tasks and activities were discussed, and future plans were shared.

"Lviv. Architecture of modernism"

is the initiative that documents, researches, and promotes the underrated architecture, which, in war conditions, is under the threat of physical destruction.

The cooperation with the ЗMIN Foundation has been initiated for the sake of research, documentation, and promotion of the modernist architecture. The first step of the cooperation is to develop an interactive inclusive online platform and provide materials in English.

The teams are closely interacting and are currently working on the development of the new webpage design (Maryan Ivasyk) and the translation of already existing materials (United Words – f  translation agency under the supervision of Marta Gosovska).


is the program is implemented by the Garage Gang team for enforcing leadership

capital, ingenuity, and adaptability of teams. Their tool is investing in the development of the ecosystem skills.

As far as the involved experts are concerned, all kinds of skills – technical, creative, analytical, or personal – may be turned into a productive process, necessary for the economic growth of the next generation of entrepreneurship and the development of civil society.

The Garage Gang team stresses it that not only the time, but also the infrastructure, culture and the sphere of practice are needed for the development of complex skills. Together with ЗMIN, the teams are ready to share their methodology and work upon the long-lasting influence.

This month, there have been lots of letters and check-ins – we hope that next month, we will be able to invite our partners to our first workshop.


Projector together with the ЗMIN team have started their work on their mutual publishing project on Ukrainian artists of the first half of the 20th century.

The project aims at:

  • raising interest in Ukrainian artists of the last century
  • showing that despite of the historical conditions, Ukrainians were at the forefront of the European art
  • proving the continuity of the artistic tradition
  • popularization of reading


12 people

ЗMIN Foundation prepared a special project on the story of an important way of reinforcing the Defense Forces of Ukraine through transport procurement.
From the perspective of the ЗMIN experience, at least 12 actors from different fields are needed to provide a single transport unit. If at least one person falls off the cooperation chain, it is harder to achieve success. A story focused on a single organization helps illustrate experiences of hundreds of other initiatives that took the responsibility to act on the reinforcement during the war and look for the most efficient decisions.


  • 8 cars have been purchased this month.

CARS OF CHANGE is one of the most important directions of the Defense Forces reinforcement. Simultaneously with the systematic procedures of transport procurement, we are engaged in advocacy for changes to the mechanisms of the Ministry of Social Policy and Customs Services.

*Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 159 vehicles have already been purchased with the ЗMIN Foundation efforts.


A multifunctional special-purpose boat purchased by ЗMIN at the request of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR).

An 8-meter boat with 400-horsepower engines, that can carry up to 12 paratroopers. The boat's speed is more than 44 knots.


Teple Misto

The ЗMIN Foundation visited Promprylad.Renovation in Ivano-Frankivsk and had a meeting with the Teple Misto team.

Cooperation between ЗMIN and Teple Misto began in the fall of 2023 during the Grant Program.

During the meeting, both teams had a chance to share their vision and objectives for this year. It was nice to find the contact point and discuss ways of strengthening our cooperation.

Boryviter: joint conference with the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff

With the support of ЗMIN, Boryviter together with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine held a conference dedicated to the study and implementation of military experience "Lessons Learned in a dynamic defense environment".

The focuses of the forum were:

→ synchronization of understanding of the Lessons Learned methodology, its application and implementation among industry experts;

→ support and key advice from representatives of NATO countries;

→ issues of analytical capabilities formation in the Defense Forces, application of methodology of study and implementation of experience in various fields.

It is valuable to be resourcefully involved in the organization of the conference.

KSA: meeting of friends of the university

A meeting of friends of the Kharkiv School of Architecture, at which a community of like-minded people who share common values gathered, took place. ЗMIN cooperates with the institution through the scholarship support for the students.

Khrystyna Boyko, ЗMIN's director, shared her thoughts on the value of such cooperation: "I consider KSA to be more than just a university. It is one of the good examples of an institution that, besides high-quality education, also provides a phenomenon of the environment for one's growth and formation… Students do not have to become experts in the narrow sphere of architecture or city planning. However, in the future, they will become agents who understand how and what purpose to build a civil society for."

Internship: Bohdan Portny

We invest our resources in the growth of a new generation of active and conscious citizens. This month, Bohdan Portny, a 3rd year student of Lviv National University of Ivan Franko (Department of Philosophy, Political Science specialty, Political Analysis and Consulting direction), completed an intensive internship at ЗMIN.

We realize our responsibility to the institution, and do not build our tasks for our interns for the sake of it.

Cultural Strategy Institute

On the occasion of the Day of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, the Culture Strategy Institute initiated two important events: a city walk along the Heroes of the Maidan street and a lecture by a historian, a Revolution of Dignity participant, and a veteran, titled "From February to February: Memory of the Maidan during the war." The discussion was moderated by Khrystyna Rutar, ЗMIN program coordinator and cultural memory researcher.

We appreciate our network, are ready to get involved and plan the next interim meetings and partner pitches.

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