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11 April 2022

"Wake up! The war started," - millions of people woke up with such words on the morning of 24.02.2022.From that moment, in the first days of a very difficult situation, foundations and volunteer organizations have mobilized to fill the requests and find the necessary supplies from all parts of the world. The urgency of the situation dictated the approach, without price monitoring, with large losses on logistics, with difficulties in coordination.Subsequently, they realized that many requests and needs could be filled within the country, strengthening our own economy and people's capacity to continue to be able to financially participate in the support of the army that defends us all.Analyzing the first weeks of activity in the conditions of war, we focused on the areas where we have expertise, where we can provide high-quality transparent coordination, where we could have the highest of efficiency.It generated s separate focus area, such as financial and resource strengthening of initiatives and enterprises operating in the region and now have shifted their activities to assistance and provision of needs to the military and civilian population in the conditions of war.

Why this focus area?‍

During the war, a large number of people lost the opportunity to work and the capacity to provide for basic needs. Many small and medium-sized businesses have suspended activities due to loss of relevance in martial law context. Subsequently, signals were received from the state that business during the war should continue to work, and attract the maximum number of working age people to intensify economic processes. We picked up these ideas.‍

Focus areas‍

  • Supporting companies that have changed the vector to meet the needs in the conditions of war.
  • Strengthening initiatives that involve people who lost the opportunity to work in the conditions of war.
  • Institutional strengthening of organizations that temporarily shifted their activities to the region.
  • Environmental friendliness in a broader sense: with attention to logistics, packaging, materials, and disposal.
  • Building a collaboration in the win-win format.


Over the past month, the ZMIN team has partnered with great idea-based brands and manufacturers. The focus area is evolving. We invite companies to cooperate for the sake of joint high-quality action.


A family brand specializing in bed clothes making. With attention to the need and the situation, about 600 sets of bedding have already been procured to arrange shelters for people forced to leave their homes. 

Must Have

Women's clothing brand with eleven years of history. Since the outbreak of hostilities, the brand's team has been making ammunition vests and balaclavas for the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense. They also handed out all the warm cloths to support those who fled their homes because of the war. 


Lviv-based company, manufacturers of frameless furniture, 8 years in the market. The company saved 80% of jobs for the team. They expanded the range of products and now sew sleeping bags, foam mattresses, frameless stretchers, geotextile nets, helmet covers for the needs of Territorial Defense and Armed Forces. The first 200 sleeping bags went to support the initiative of arranging lodging for people fleeing the war in the Children's Sports School facility. 

Drozdov & Partners, together with Replus bureau and Ponomarenko Bureau

The initiative developed a solution that will accommodate up to 132 people. It will be a zoned space with beds, dining area, and bathrooms. It is important that this initiative is extended to other cities.KachorovskaA shoe brand with a long family history. The team cooperated with several shoe manufacturers and started sewing the combat boots together. First, they provided the boots free of charge, managing with the available team; from now on, they deliver the private orders (with payment at the lowest possible price).


Shoe brand with a long family history. The team cooperated with several shoe factories and started sewing berets together. Initially - free of charge, by the team, now - by private order (with payment at the lowest possible price).

TM byMe

A family brand of clothing and footwear. The team raises funds for the purchase of flak jackets for the Armed Forces; they make flak jackets and participate in the procurement of the necessities for the army. 


Manufacturer of sublimated and energy food. In peacetime, the key audience was tourists and hikers. At the moment, the foods are made for the army and the Territorial Defence units. 

Odesa-based manufacturer of thermal clothing

Local manufacturer, in collaboration -  2005 Thermal Underwear Kits and Outerwear Kits

The team is preparing an update with comments from representatives of companies, to be published soon.

Photo - Must Have‍

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