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How the social entrepreneurship does (not) work?


4 min

22 June 2023

On June 29, at 5 PM, there is going to be the second meeting of ЗMIN IN – a conversation about how social business works and why it doesn't today.

Investing into social entrepreneurship, developing a network of social initiatives is a part of the ЗMIN's strategic plan, as we do understand the value of a thoughtful approach to conducting business in the long-term perspective.

The foundation cooperated with the teams that present themselves as social businesses, try new formats and mechanisms.

This is why there appeared the need of a shared honest conversation in the format of ЗMIN IN with the experts on legal and efficient mechanisms of social entrepreneurship in the legal field.

The review, together with lawyers, of specific stories from the experience of organizations working in this field, the discussion of ambiguous areas of social business operations, as well as the development of mechanisms for effective collaboration between such businesses and the state.



Anna Lysko – lawyer, managing partner of Lawyers' Association "LI Partners", director of Lviv Mediation Center, specializes in administrative, commercial issues, and extrajudicial dispute resolution.

Lidiya Klymkiv – lawyer and partner in Lawyers' Association "Axon Partners", works in the field of legal protection and intellectual property law.

ЗMIN partners, working in the field of social entrepreneurship: Starist na Radist, Workshop of the Dream, Tarilka, Jam Factory, City Museum, Plato.

For whom?

We invite everyone interested in the topic of social entrepreneurship to fill in the registration form.

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Як (не) працює соціальне підприємництво?

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