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May for ЗMIN


7 min

31 May 2024

For us, the month of May is the time for building quality ties between sustainable partners, as well as a good time to network with new teams.

As a result, we are happy to talk about the projects our partners are already working on.

"Reader Diaries for New Literary Experiences" from the team of Teple Misto

The team aims to create unique reader diaries for a diverse audience (children, adolescents, adults), which will be a good tool for promoting reading and building sustainable communities united around a shared interest.

Gardener's house

The PLATO team is working on the restoration of the facility within the "Plant Nursery" space and converts it into a multifunctional "gardener's house". This space will be used for events and meetings; it will become a coworking space for activists and a working space for master classes on urban gardening. We invite you to watch the new space grow!

Capacity building of the “Tarilka” team

Over the past 4 years, the "Tarilka" has been developing their capacity rapidly. The implementation of new projects requires systematic work with strategic documents, stimulates the optimization of processes and policy-making. In order to continue the organization's pace of development, to develop a fundraising system and proper policies, we continued to cooperate through capacity enhancement of key operational roles.

Development and launch of the training module “Let the Children Move!”

ЗMIN works with the NGO "Let the Children Move!" supporting new approaches to the organization of the educational process in schools. This time, the focus is on an educational program for future and practicing teachers who seek to learn new methods of work in schools, where the priority would be to preserve the health of children through the use of high desks, weighted toys and visual gymnastics.

Capacity bulding for Lviv Urban Forum

This year, Lviv will host the second important network meeting for urbanists, architects and anyone interested in urban planning and reconstruction. The LUF team increases the pace of work and becomes even more productive thanks to the support of ЗMIN. The forum is due in a month, don't miss it.

Projector Foundation

A large-scale joint project of ЗMIN and the Projector Foundation is underway to create a series of art books about Ukrainian artists of the 20th century. The project plans to provoke the interest of Ukrainians in their own cultural heritage, stimulate knowledge and interest in the artistic processes of the past.

Lviv Music Festival

The Lviv Music Festival has been held since 2013 to promote Ukrainian music, present niche music projects and build the community. This year, ZMIN will join the event in a very interesting way. We are looking forward to it!


The "Showcase of New Products" project has been implemented by Chytomo annually, since 2015. The 2024 showcase has two dimensions: online (on the Chytomo website) and offline – in the Book Arsenal space. This year's focus is on books by military and veteran authors, as well as a change in format - from a general online catalog to specific reviews from literary critics.  

The Ukrainians, the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation, and the ZMIN consolidated in a special joint project of the Responsibility Award 2023.

It is important to share the experience of the teams in building intersectoral cooperation, and co-act around ideas and values. Stories about the four winning teams of the Award are already available:  

Workshop of Culture Practitioners

In May, there was an open call for the third iteration of the Workshop of Culture Practitioners, an educational platform from the UCU Department of Cultural Studies and the Institute of Cultural Strategy. This year, in the format of an intensive summer school, the Workshop is open for the heads of cultural institutions and organizations that need to reconsider value-based approaches under the impact of war, to build their calendars of activities and work with their communities. The deadline for the call is June 5.


+40 FPV Sapsan for military units A 0989 and A

+ 1 month of institutional support for the Boryviter school

+ 2 vehicles

+ 10 ATVs

+ 600 Celox units donated to the Leleka Foundation

+ fabric for camouflage nets

This month, the ЗMIN team "paid a visit" to two partner organizations: the exhibition "More Fragile than Glass" in Lviv Skansen, and the supported living house "Dream Workshop".
In addition, we got to know many new teams.

It is valuable for us to network and introduce ЗMIN partners to each other.
We are in for a busy June. Stay tuned!

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