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Logistic warehouse


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20 April 2022

ZMIN Team continues to act in the area of assisting the military and civilian population in the hotspots, supporting and providing the necessary protection to people forced to leave their homes.‍

Despite the fact that the foundation strategy is aimed at systemic, continuous and long-term activities, we understand the need to be flexible and respond instantly to urgent challenges.‍

Summarizing the activities over the past month, the biggest challenge in these crisis conditions is quality coordination of actions and the opportunity to turn money into a truly effective resource.‍

Over the past month, we have coordinated with foundations, non-governmental organizations, military formations and government structures, volunteers, and activists.

A unique architecture of networks, communities, and people is being built. Thanks to this, it is possible to respond effectively and act in the interests of society in the conditions of war.

Distribution warehouse of ZMIN

In partnership and through cooperation with Jam Factory, we have organized a logistics distribution headquarters where we accumulate the purchased staff and coordinate the further logistics for delivery.

For us, as for hundreds of other initiatives, it is important that the assistance reaches recipients in time, where it is truly needed.To streamline the processes and quickly coordinate actions between organizations, volunteers, and activists who are end-users of the aid, or intermediaries who know about the most needy destinations and where and how to send the supplies, we made a registration form.

Mechanism of cooperation‍

The Foundation for Strategic Change carries out activities in accordance with Art. 6 of the Law of Ukraine on Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations and complies with the standards. It is important for us to maintain a transparent documentation and reporting procedure. Flexible, with attention to crisis situations. ‍

Cooperation procedure

  • A letter of application for assistance with a list of necessary equipment.
  • Joint organization of logistics.
  • Agreement on the transfer of tangible assets.
  • A letter of receipt from the recipient of assistance, or a confirmation of receipt in messengers, if the conditions do not allow to write and send a letter.

To verify the receipt of charitable assistance and simplify communication, we made a sticker to label the supplies.

‍Principles of work

  • We gather and join forces. We work with a network of people, organizations, and communities that understand and can provide for real needs on the ground.
  • We regularly collect requests. We organize procurement and dispatch on the basis of requests from coordination headquarters, hospitals, military formations and volunteers only.
  • We monitor information about the relevance of the request.We try to buy what is necessary in Ukraine, supporting local business, and strengthening the economy.Since the team is not large, we optimize our efforts and act where our assistance will be most effective.
  • We accept and address only those requests where we can monitor logistics and targeted receipt to the final beneficiary.
  • We think comprehensively and ecologically. Despite the urgency of the moment, we process a request with attention to packaging, materials, the possibility to anticipate the recycling.
  • We are only tackling the problems where we have expertise, or we are looking for a contact to provide expertise.
  • We are positive and believe in the closest stabilization and peaceful skies.

We invite organizations that coordinate the delivery of the necessary to the points where assistance is most needed.

Registration form on the link.

Photos by Victoria Yuskevych

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