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March for ЗМІN


7 min

29 March 2024

March is a month of networking, neighbourliness and creating platforms for the interaction with our partners. We see "visitation" as a great opportunity for new ideas and growth.

*the term was politely borrowed from MC6 project "Dialogues of Communities"

Communication and networking

For external communication, we usually select media or profiles whose values are close to us. The communication vector is the joint development of high-quality and useful materials on important social topics and issues.

Our neighbours, the Kava z molokom (Coffee with milk) coffee shop launched the "combat" money collection to strengthen our long-standing partner, the Boryviter military school.

Throughout March and half of April, visitors can enjoy coffee and donate to the Defense Forces. A chance to get a sticker pack and a postcard from ЗMIN, designed by Albina Kolesnichenko, is a nice bonus for a donation of 200 UAH or more. You can donate until April 15; after that, the Foundation will double the amount raised.

A joint publication with DIVOCHE.MEDIA was developed for the International Women's Rights Day. It was both pleasant and useful experience to get to know and work with this media. The publication received excellent coverage and engagement.

On the occasion of Down syndrome awareness day, together with the Workshop of the Dream, we prepared an informative post about the myths surrounding this condition. The publication was well-accepted by the audience and received a record number of shares.


Mystetska biblioteka (Art Library)

We are happy to have wonderful neighbours. The ЗMIN team visited the revitalized space of the Mystetska Biblioteka, which is part of the ecosystem of Lviv municipal libraries. It is valuable that the renovation preserved and restored the space of the library, which had been operating here since 1949. 

Walnut House Foundation

Khrystyna Rutar, ЗMIN's program coordinator, together with Oksana Mrozek, ЗMIN's communication manager, joined a final meeting of the Wings program implemented by the Walnut House Foundation. 

The Walnut House Foundation and the ЗMIN Foundation share the same ecosystem. In particular, when looking for gifts for our partners, we choose cookies from this bakery.

The team has opened a call for applications for the new iteration of the Wings project. The main focus is on mentoring women to improve the skills they need to get a good job or start their own business. Registration is open until April 8.

Shum Art Gallery

We see joint visits to cultural events as a good team-building tool. This month, the team visited the exhibition "Worlds Near and Far" by Yakov Hnizdovsky at the Shum Art Gallery. 

We hope it will become a good tradition. We welcome invitations or recommendations.


Garage Gang

It is valuable to see the high demand for new knowledge within our partner network. Over the course of the year, the Garage Gang team, with the ЗMIN's support, has developed the CityGen.Revival educational program on the Big Idea platform. At the end of March, the first introductory workshop with Iryna Solovey was held to develop ecosystem skills and decision-making culture.

ЗMIN has strengthened the partner teams by launching scholarship support for mastering the course skills. 

We proudly share the successful advocacy campaign to amend the procedural part of the "humanitarian aid" declaration from the Ministry of Social Policy and the Customs authorities in terms of wording and data entry. Henceforth, we can officially refer to ourselves as both donors and managers of the purchased aid for the Defense Forces.
More broadly, we present a precedent for a meaningful and effective dialog with government agencies.

We appreciate the inviation to be a part of stakeholders for the research of the defend ecosystem development in Ukraine 2030.
Our cooperation with the Serhiy Prytula Foundation has tightened. We will share positive results soon.

There have also been meetings, planning and efforts coordication within the Foundation's program activity. Together with the teams, we marked senses and cooperation opportunities for this year. We will share the info soon! 

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Березень для ЗМІН

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