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Report 2023


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1 April 2024

Learn more in the full version of the ЗMIN outcomes list in the attached file at the bottom of this page.

This year, we have chosen a new pace of activity in ЗMIN – a moderate, step-by-step, mindful approach, and without any marathon-like ambitions. The rhythm of well-formed weighted steps with a look-back – to see the effectiveness of the results and a systematic look forward to the long-term impact.

Balancing between the areas of systemic strong support for the country's defense capability and the implementation of sustainable programs. We are happy to share successful indicators from this scenario.

Contribution to strengthening the defense capability

We have deployed and systematized investments in support of the Defence Forces in the area defined by the concept of RIPPLES. The Water ripple metaphor shows the importance of rapid decision making and of reactive response with tracking of the scaling effect of qualitative results. 

An important indicator was the merging of a network of teams and institutions where we can compare our assessments, analyses, and expertise on the efficiency of decisions in supporting defense capabilities.

Compared to the first year of the full-scale war, today we can be confident about the expediency of the decisions made. In particular, the track developed a structure into separate sustainable programs: continuation of the heavy vehicle procurement program with a focus on advocacy and procedure improvement, ongoing cooperation and strengthening of the Boryviter Military School, entering the field of procuring UAVs made by Ukrainian manufacturers, joint powerful campaigns with large foundations, close cooperation with special forces and the purchase of expensive technical and swimming equipment, joining the discussion platforms on strategic issues of today's challenges and development.

In 2023, we realized more clearly that capital can be turned into an efficient resource only in synergy with the ecosystem network, where the public sector, government, business, and defense structures interact with added value.

The volume of investment into this track of supporting the defense capability of the state from ЗMIN was more than 80% of the total annual capital. It produced tangible results and showed efficiency and appropriateness of the invested resource.

The incentive was added by valuable honorary awards received from the highest military command and the government sector. Each award is equally unique, important, and valuable. Every appreciation is an important symbol for us.

Program Activities

This year, we talk about sustainable programs highlighting the deepening of good relations between regular partners, dynamic networking, and engagement with new teams.

The ЗMIN team has strengthened the implementation of two grant call iterations. The grant format is a good way to focus on the topics and issues relevant for the sector’s actors. We can see how they respond, what solutions and tools they offer, and, ultimately, what linguistic framework the proactive teams choose for their communication. At the same time, this format turned out to be exhausting for resources and revealed the inequality of the rules of the game and the differences in expectations. Thus, we drew an interim conclusion to review policies and role descriptions and to better articulate our expectations.

Partner supporting and capacity-building programs have shown the importance of our focus on fostering the fusion of strong adaptive teams. We bring together capable teams that enhance their knowledge, conduct analysis, and work as experts in their focus areas. It adds confidence that we have someone to work with to develop and propose solutions and innovative approaches for short-term sustainability, and for the change and recovery strategizing.

The effectiveness of the implementation of the scholarship program helped us understand the format and expansion of the support network.

Also, during this year, we ran many information campaigns and our own projects and actively participated in public events. Frequent invitations to events, discussions, and forums highlighted the value of the expertise of our team.

Advocacy processes, analytical tools and communication campaigns were successfully implemented. The year is marked by good informational and public visibility, and by the expansion of the geography of partnerships.

Resource Team

We have grown stronger as a team.

We start 2024 with an established organizational structure, and more clearly defined roles based on internal policies. It is of value to see the tangible impact of each team member expressed in the director’s position. It communicates the institution’s agency despite the fatigue and settings where we balance personally, professionally, and team-wise. During this year, we have acquired our own space.

The walls of the ЗMIN office have become holistic for the team, convenient for meetings with partners, and adaptable for cozy events.

What’s Next

We entered 2023 with the key idea of fusing and strengthening relationships within the partner community. Therefore, today, more than six dozen partner teams are closely cooperating with us. We share the values and understanding of future steps to be taken for high-profile change. We are convinced of the correctness of such a decision and expect that such interactions and intersections could intensify the impact and meaningful shifts in the sector. We hope it will stimulate the subsidiarity processes.

We are still in the process of establishing an institutional role, declaring values and approaches, and positioning ourselves in an ecosystem with a model of interaction different from the usual ones, where the invested capital is multiplied with the resource, knowledge, synergy, and trust.

The summary and introductory remarks are a good opportunity to express gratitude to the founders, the team, and the partner network for the joint effort. The synergy adds resources, powers, and motivation to continue with high performance in the interests of society. We are inspired to bear the responsibility to be called and act as a change-making institution in times of extremes.

We are grateful and happy to continue to work together.

Change the tomorrow > in a meaningful way

Khrystyna Boyko, Director of ЗMIN 

Report 2023

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