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Public participation in spatial planning in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine


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About the program

Public participation in spatial planning in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

Research and promotion of practices of engagement into the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine through the production and distribution of a handbook, the creation and distribution of materials and a pilot workshop about approaches to the implementation of participatory design, as illustrated by partner community from the city of Rivne.

The project is implemented by the RoЗkvit NGO that has been operating since 2022. Through planning and research, the team addresses urgent needs of stakeholders and aligns them with future strategies. Using research from other (post-war) countries, experts develop new future-oriented methods of urban design, organization through co-creation and sustainable development.


Currently, many questions arise about how communities should recover during and after the war, and what should be the basis for reconstruction plans. Significant mobilization and cohesion of society during the war contribute to the increase of personal civic awareness and the willingness to influence decision-making about the spaces we live in. An important issue in the western regions of Ukraine is the integration of IDPs into the local community, and their rights and opportunities to influence decision-making about the host community.

As part of the work of the Ro3kvit urban coalition, the team is working to disseminate knowledge among municipalities about participatory approaches and tools, which is the key to democratic and inclusive spatial design. Currently, this effort involves a team of Ukrainian and international experts in spatial planning and participation, with the support of Ukraine Rebuilding Action Group (USA), who are conducting a study of existing practices and their potential use in the processes of post-war urban planning. The study should make a basis for further communication and advocacy to disseminate the developments, as well as raise awareness among target groups.


The project’s objective is to support research and promotion of participatory practices in Ukraine's post-war reconstruction, with a particular focus on western oblasts that face huge challenges of integrating IDPs into the community.

Focus Areas

  • recovery strategies
  • participatory practices
  • changes at the local level
  • responsiveness and context-bound approaches
  • awareness campaigns

Who For and With?

The project targets wide audiences interested in strategic development and spatial design in the community, such as managers and employees of local self-government bodies, local specialists in urban planning, architecture and urban-related areas of activity, and a proactive civil society.

Project Impact

  • promotion of participatory practices and tools among professional communities and proactive citizens
  • changing the attitude of LSGB staff and managers to participatory practices in projects by clarifying the mechanisms of implementation and the benefits of their implementation
The project is implemented by RоЗkvit NGO with the financial support from ЗMIN through the Grant Program 2023

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Public participation in spatial planning in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

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