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About the program

Program of the Regional Development Agency in Ternopil region

Collaborative processes for young people in crisis situations through the development of entrepreneurial culture  Career guidance and educational project for high school students who experienced loss because of the war unleashed by the rf, and whose parents are combatants and stand in defense of Ukraine.  The program consisted of two parts, theoretical and practical.


The purpose of the project is to help socialization and to attempt at the rehabilitation process of young people through joint meetings and the building of an entrepreneurial culture.  The project’s goal is to promote the career guidance of adolescents right now, when they most need the prompts from the qualified experts.

Relevance and importance

This project should help adolescents to take a unique path of self-development in entrepreneurship, gain a comprehensive understanding of business as a process, and master the skills of business communication in English. It was critical to have this type of career guidance educational project for children who lost their parents in the war. In fact, the war took away their parents at the time when they are preparing to choose their future professions. It was important for them to receive qualified assistance and knowledge at this specific age, which in the future will be a unique start-up for them on their path to professional growth.

Changes Entailed by the Project

  • Socialization and rehabilitation of adolescents who lost their parents in the war, as well as those whose parents have been in the combat for almost a year now.
  • Adolescent career guidance.
  • Promotion of local manufacturers during the war.
  • The development of an entrepreneurial culture since school.
Meeting with a Director of ЗMIN, Khrystyna Boyko


Participants attended a course with three subjects: business basics, business English, and IT technologies. It made a total of 30 sessions. We had the opportunity to visit 5 enterprises in Ternopil region to learn practical business development skills. Also, we took part in 4 master classes from reputable investors of Ukraine.  During the study period, the students of the "Startup" Business School were combined into two groups. Subsequently, they created two business ideas: an anti-cafe for young people with an anger room, and a cafe with a hotel for pets. These ideas are highly pertinent for Ternopil residents, since there are currently no alternative facilities available.

Target Audience

The target audience covers teenagers of 14-17 years old who lost their parents in the war with the rf, and with parents in the combat.

Sustainability. Scaling up. Continuity

The Startup School is preparing for the next enrollment of students, in the spring and autumn of 2023. After all, active requests from Ternopil have been coming. The team plans a new course on communication, business fundamentals, and English language for high school leavers. They will be able to continue working on their business ideas, improve them, and assess all the risks and investments in their business projects. In addition, the team is recruiting new students for the first course.  The team emphasizes that they are ready to cooperate with other cities in Ukraine because they believe the project contributes to the making of a healthy young Ukrainian society, which is extremely relevant and important at this moment.

Start Up Business School is implemented by the Regional Development Agency in Ternopil region, in partnership with the Western Ukrainian National University, thanks to a financial support from ZMIN, under the grant program 2022.

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Start Up Business School

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