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About the culture of gratitude


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10 May 2023

Over the past year and this year, the ЗMIN team received many thanks and awards from military structures, partner organizations, and state institutions. Each award is equally unique, important, and valuable. Each "thank you" is full of symbolism for us.

Every day, we express mutual gratitude to the military, doctors, volunteers, partners in routine calls, correspondence, or official communications.
There is a need for new words and notions that will allow us to express the THANK YOU that will include all meanings and spectrum.

This publication is about the joy of understanding that even in the most difficult times, our society does not abandon such an important and empathic component as the culture of gratitude.

The awards, as symbolic expression of solidarity, provide us with the resource, power, and motivation to continue working hard for the sake of our society, train ourselves in communication, cooperate, and become independent.

Perhaps, this is just one of those components that leads our society to understanding that, without someone, we aren't.

Thank you and appreciate it.

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