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Program CityGen.Revival


3 min

5 April 2024

Program CityGen.Revival  is implemented in collaboration with ЗМІН in order to enhance the quality of leadership talent in society by investing in the development of ecosystem skills.

The eco-cycle model, developed by the Garage Gang team in 2016, suggests that a team should be viewed as an ecosystem in which each team member has one of 4 ecosystem roles. This role characterizes his/her natural talents and reflects the personal type of leadership. 

Within the framework of the CityGen.Revival course, users of the Big Idea ("Велика Ідея") platform will be able to:

  • Dive deeper into each of the ecosystem skills and start putting them into practice by participating in group training workshops.
  • Expand practical application together with the team in the process of mentoring with specialists from the Big Idea mentor community in the format of individual workshops

What does the course offer?

Hands-on leaders will be able to choose tools and practices on the Big Idea platform to consistently strengthen their ability to interact fruitfully in their natural role, facilitate productive and resourceful relationships in teams, understanding the interplay in the ecosystem of roles in the team, and at the same time increase trust in the employer as a partner in achieving complex goals in business and society.

A team leader balances the competences of people who have a unique combination of personal experience and professional knowledge that give them an advantage in different social or work processes and help them quickly recontextualise their application in new circumstances.

By strengthening their ecosystem skills in the format of training workshops with mentors from the Big Idea community, the leader will increase their own influence to reduce the wastage of group forces and the depletion of individual motivation in the team.

How is the CityGenRevival training course structured? 

The course consists of 4 training modules of 5 online workshops with a focus on a separate role in the ecosystem:

>> Module Thinker
Transdisciplinarity, Sensemaking, Heuristics, Crowdfunding, Body Intelligence

>> Module Educator 
Design Thinking, Selectivity, Vitality, Crowdfunding, Body Intelligence 

>>  Module Entrepreneur
Cyberinvolvement, Transculturality, Data Synthesis, Crowdfunding, Body Intelligence 

>> Module Advisor
Media literacy, Data Synthesis, Socialability, Crowdfunding, Body intelligence 

You can learn more about the 4 ecosystem roles and identify your personal leadership style in teams, networks and partnerships by taking the Ecosystem Role test in the Workshop section of the Big Idea platform.

Pass the test >>

Study schedule 

The first module of the course will include skills specific to each of the ecosystem roles. 

Workshops on the following topics will be held in April:

> > Transdisciplinarity by Ilya Bachurin, April 11, 19:00

>> Design Thinking by Dmytro Belopolsky, April 18, 19: 00

> > Selectivity by Mykhailo Krykunov, April 25, 19:00     

This is followed by a week of silence to master the new material.

In May, the training will continue with workshops on cyberinvolvement, body intelligence, media literacy and resilience.

Why now?

As a society, Ukraine has the energy to change the status quo, but we need more people with ethical engagement skills and a positive sum mindset to determine whether a new norm will predominate. In the face of an uncertain future, it is crucial for most of us to strengthen our connection to our humanity and to renew our sense of purpose in working together with diverse partners in the context of recovery. It is clear that all kinds of skills — technical, creative, analytical and personal — can be transformed through ethical interaction into any productive process necessary for high-quality urban regeneration, economic growth of entrepreneurship among the new generation and development of a participatory civil society.

Increasing leadership capital will increase the ingenuity and adaptability of organizations and help them navigate the turbulent sea that the global world is now.

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Програма CityGen.Revival

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