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Activities of ЗMIN 24.02-24.07


Strategic programs

About the program

01 ZMIN warehouse

We keep responding to requests and needs of the military and civilians. Our focus is on tactical medical supplies, medications, and medical devices, personal protective equipment and munition for the Armed Forces, humanitarian supplies for the hottest spots, support to organizations taking care of forcefully displaced persons.‍

02  Help Help

Support to local manufacturers contributing to the needs in times of war.

03 Cultural Front

Support programs for culture, museums, heritage, and education.

04  Strategic projects. Interaction

Cooperation with municipal and governmental entities and social actors. Long-term planning, resilience and crisis recovery strategy.‍

05 Support to sustainable partners

‍Empowerment of organizations the Foundation cooperated before the war.

There is no end to our gratitude for every day effort to everyone defending us in combat and in the home front.


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Activities of ЗMIN 24.02-24.07

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