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ЗMIN during the war


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7 April 2022

Since the day of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the ZMIN team, like hundreds of other foundations and organizations, has shifted the lines of action to the request and need for support during the war.

During the first weeks, we respond in an organized manner and address focused requests for humanitarian assistance and provide for the needs of the military.‍

With flexible and sensitive approach, at the moment we are focused on the areas where we have expertise and understanding of the effectiveness of the decisions made.
  • We provide financial and other resources to reinforce the initiatives, organizations, businesses and enterprises that operate in the region and have shifted their activities to meeting the needs and offering assistance in the context of war.
  • We continue to help the military, transfer humanitarian supplies to the hottest sites, support and provide the necessary support to people who have been forced to leave their homes.
  • We coordinate logistics from the Foundation's warehouse.
  • Restoring and adapting the support program for sustainable partner organizations.
  • We conduct a dialogue, cooperate with city entities, establish partnerships with volunteers and logistics headquarters.
  • We get consolidated and join forces with Ukrainian foundations.
  • We work in the field of education and culture, and preservation of heritage in the conditions of war.

Illustration - Tania Yakunova

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ЗМІН у період війни

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