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Directions of ЗМІN 2023


Strategic programs

About the program


Directions and key topics

The cross-cutting vector of ЗMIN activity in 2023 is strengthening the community of like-minded people. Our society is getting closer to the realization that complex challenges are more effectively solved in partnership and joint action. Responding to the challenges of full-scale war and post-war transformation requires the coordination of joint efforts, the acquisition of new knowledge, and the development of new models and policies. The partners united by the Foundation together form an ecosystem of strategic influence that combines an interdisciplinary approach and effective tools. We are building this ecosystem through adaptive formats, which were included in the ЗMIN 2023 Project Activity Plan.

Programs ЗMIN

01 Urgent response
Systemic support for challenges of war

We continue our line of business on request and need for support in times of war, with flexibility and sensitivity to the situation. In 2023, they stopped focusing on medical care and the purchase of vehicles.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, we have been organizing the purchase and transfer of vehicles for the needs of the military and medical personnel. Despite the urgency, we consider the project strategically important. We are talking about mobility, speed - hence the protection of military personnel and medics. This year, they stopped at the purchase of special vehicles - trawlers, manipulators, tractors, multilifts and ambulances.

02 Sustainable partnership programs

A sustainable partnership is an adaptive format generated by the experience of ЗMIN activities, where we build interaction with a partner organization not instrumentally, not once and "on equal terms". We consider such a partnership comprehensively, where financial support is complemented by resource, expert, communication reinforcement. Here we are betting on locality and cross-sectorality.

This year, we will test the model of institutional support for organizations (Dream Workshop and Tarilka ) - with the aim of developing new tools for team agility and autonomy, promoting the diversification of non-profit organizations' funding sources, spreading alternative fundraising tools.

03 Grant programs

Grant programs are aimed at supporting initiatives, organizations, providers of social change that respond adaptively to the challenges of war, while acting in the direction of planning and recovery strategies - with a focus on qualitative changes in the region.

Grant support is an important and sustainable format of ЗMIN activity, which provides an opportunity to find new players in the sector and strengthen the network of partners, to intensify new connections.

04 Scholarship program
Scholarship support is formed on the basis of institutional cooperation and aims to strengthen students, teachers, researchers, professional groups in obtaining new knowledge, strengthening expertise and scaling capabilities. This year ЗMIN provides scholarships to teachers and students of the scientific group of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Lviv Polytechnic University, socio-academic scholarships to students of the Kharkiv School of Architecture, and a support program for cadets of the Boryviter Military School.

05 Events

Partnership, informational and financial support of landmark events, exhibitions, forums, or other public formats focused on the articulation of important social topics and problems.

06 Co-creation platform
The best ideas and solutions for change emerge at the intersection of multiple opinions and the transdisciplinarity of sectors. And only joint efforts and cooperation make meaningful changes possible. ЗMIN IN is a platform for dialogue, joining efforts for the interaction of the public sector, business, managers, philanthropists, government structures. Providing opportunities for systemic expertise and strengthening effective providers of social change is a strategic goal of the Foundation.

Topics and approaches

  • Rehabilitation and recovery
  • Support of science, engineering
  • Strengthening of the local economy
  • Educational approaches
  • Institutional support
  • Cultural practices
  • Information campaigns
  • Analytics


  • Strengthening community-building processes
  • Responsiveness and contextuality
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Finding a new language
  • Vulnerability
  • Innovation

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Directions of ЗМІN 2023

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